-245Days -21Hours -39Mins. -27Secs.


Hafa Adai! The ‘Crown Jewel’ of XTERRA racing celebrates it’s 16th year! Earn slots to the XTERRA World Championship in Maui. For the professional triathlete, there is a prize purse of $10,000 up for grabs.

Experience all that XTERRA Saipan has to offer – including a swim in the beautiful, crystal blue ocean waters of Garapan, the grueling off-road climbs up Navy Hill and Mt. Tapotchau, and an unforgettable trail run through dense tropical jungle and World War II era caves.

Championship Course Distances: Open Water Swim: 1.5km, Mountain Bike: 30km*, Trail Run: 12km

Sprint Course Distances: Open Water Swim: 750m, Mountain Bike: 20km*, Trail Run: 5km
*distances subject to change


Divisions: Pro/Elite, Age Group men and women – 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70+(M), Challenged.

Race as part of a team: 2-3 persons – men, women and coed – can race as a team in the championship distance race only.

$10,000USD in total prize purse broken down as follows for both male and female pro competitors :

1. $1,400
2. $1,100
3. $900
4. $700
5. $500
6. $300
7. $100


Age Group: Male / Female
15-19: 1 / 1
20-24: 1 / 1
25-29: 1 / 1
30-34: 1 / 1
35-39: 1 / 1
40-44: 1 / 1
45-49: 1 / 1
50-54: 1 / 1
55-59: 1 /1
60-64: 1 / 1
65-69: 1 / 1
70-74: 1 / 1
75+: 1 / 1
Challenged: 1 / 1

Age group winners (top 3) and the top relay team (male, female, mixed) will receive medals.

Swim Notes: Swim – 750 meters for sprint and 1.5 kilometers for championship competitors.
Familiarize yourself with going out and coming in prior to your race start time. All swimmers must be out of the water and ready to start 15‐minutes prior to the official start time.
The race will be a mass start. Championship and Sprint competitors will have a different color swim caps.
If this is your first triathlon or swimming is not your strongest discipline, we recommend you position yourself towards the back or the side of the pack.
If you get into difficulty in the water, lie on your back and raise your arm. A lifeguard will come to you and if necessary, arrange to take you to the water’s edge.

Bike Course Notes: Bike – Sprint 20km/Championship 30 km The bike course crosses the Navy Hill paved road and will lead you the Wireless Hill all the way to Talofofo savannah and challenging trails of Egigi, McDick, Ho Chi Min, and Bananarama. Switch your gear for the punishing off road climbs up Mt. Tapotchau.

Run Course Notes: Run – Sprint 5km/Championship 12km In the stretch of run, you’ll come across the American Memorial Park that leads to the entrance of Xterra trail. Run it, walk, or jump down into the ditch then climb up the side as you will traverse a dry stream, a bamboo forest enroute to a coffee plantation, historic World War II tunnel, ending with a sandy beach run headed for finish line. Intersection will be marshalled but on practice days it will not. Please be careful and look for cars, pedestrians and other bikes.

The XTERRA Saipan team ask that you respect the environment and the trails. Please leave no trace of trash on the race course, or in the race village and finish area before, during or after the race. Awards: Top 3 in each age group division.

XTERRA Asia Pacific points are awarded to professional and age group participants in the Championship race.

Xterra Saipan 2016 Highlights